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      Puppy Packages & Training

Red Baron, Roxie & Jax 2018
Your puppy will go home with their very own Mother's scented
Snuggle Puppy! 
This will give YOUR puppy a
familiar & comfortable
beginning to their new life!!
($40 value: Included in the IDOD Puppy Package)
Puppy Package Includes:
(Included with every puppy-at no additional charge)
  • Beginner crate training
  • Beginner potty training
  • Micro-chipped with lifetime registration
  • Veterinary Assessments/Vet Health Report
  • Complete Health Record 
  • Up to date Vaccines/Dewormer
  • 30 days Trupanion Health Insurance 
  • New parent resources 
  • Your puppy's own SNUGGLE PUPPY 
  • Professional care
  • Puppy Culture Development Protocol
  • 25% OFF BAXTER & Bella's Online Puppy School
  • Weekly professional photographs
  • Food sample & metered food scoop
  • Beginner Collar & Leash 
  • Health Guarantee 
  • Lifetime Breeder support
  • "Tail-wagging Puppy Kisses" group invitation
IDOD Jump Start Program +$1000
  • All inclusive Puppy Package (see above)

  • 2 week program & extended stay

  • Daily Lessons on Puppy Ettiquette; nipping jumping, barking, biting, scratching

  • Group training 

  • Continued Crate Training

  • Beginner Leash Walking 

  • Sit for a treat & for acknowledgment 

  • Beginner potty training/Intro to the "outside"

  • Up to date on vaccines

IDOD Puppy Academy +$2000
  • All inclusive Puppy Package (see above)
  • 4 week program & extended stay 
  • Group & Individual training
  • Puppy Etiquette with bite inhibition 

  • Completed Crate Training-omits the need for night time potty breaks (there will be a transition to home)

  • Upgraded Collar/leash/harness

  • Outside Potty Breaks/Intermediate potty training

  • Intermediate Leash Walking 

  • Sit for a treat & for acknowledgment 

  • Training Treats

  • Come/Sit/Stay Verbal & Nonverbal Cues on a puppy level

  • Experiences & Socialization in a controlled environment

  • 2nd and/or 3rd round of Puppy Vaccines 

  • Weekly updates, photos/videos

  • Graduation Certificate & Photo


IDOD Puppy Academy is an extended stay service that is only available for IDOD puppies, ages 8-12 weeks old.  During this period, puppies brains are developing rapidly which encourages enhanced learning. IDOD skilled trainers introduce key concepts during key stages of development with gentle correction in a safe, supervised environment. Early introduction to basic commands gives your puppy a strong foundation for you to build on. This service must be paid in full at the time of enrollment or by 8 weeks of age, whichever comes first.  Limited openings available. 

IDOD Polished Puppy Program +$4500
Add On Program; Puppy goes home at 16-18 weeks old 
  • Puppy lives-on site and in home with trainer receiving 24 hour care & instruction on life skills
  • Daily Individual training in multiple sessions/situations
  • Puppy Etiquette with impulse control against nipping jumping, barking, biting, scratching 

  • Completed Crate Training no accidents overnight


  • Padded, Reflective Collar/leash/fitted harness, personalized pet tag, poo bags & dispenser ($100 value)

  • Familiar bedtime blanket 

  • Respectful Leash Walking (no tugging or weaving) 

  • Doggy Bag dog food & our favorite treats and toys ($150 value)

  • Down/Come/Sit/Stay/Heel/Recall Verbal & Nonverbal Cues 

  • Experiences & Socialization in a safe environment

  • Fully Vaccinated (4 rounds of puppy vaccines) including rabies vaccine, monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventative & Bordetella ($500 value)

  • Weekly Spa Days & First full Groom ($500 value)

  • Car Ride Acclimation

  • Weekly progress notes, photos/videos

  • Graduation Certificate & Framed Photo

IDOD Polished Puppy Program is an extended stay service that is available for IDOD puppies, ages 8-16 weeks old.  Enrolled puppies will live, on site/in home, with our experienced trainers and receive 24/7 monitoring, care, teaching and life skills training. As a polished puppy, our expectations are well mannered puppies that are respectfully leash walking, fully crate trained and going potty outside on a routine/regular basis.  Polished puppies will be FULLY vaccinated and ready to take on the World--No limitations.  Puppies will receive weekly Spa Days with acclimation to all grooming tools (high velocity dryer, grooming table, clippers) along with their FIRST full puppy groom.  You will receive weekly progress reports, videos and photos.  This service must be paid in full at the time of enrollment or by 8 weeks of age, whichever comes first.  Polished puppies will go home between 16-18 weeks of age (as determined by met milestones and expectations). Limited openings available. Click here for more details.

Gift Giving?
Here's our Doodle Gift Surprise!
Goldendoodle HandBook and Personalized Doodle Certificate made just for gift giving!



Scheduled Meet up locations: No Additional charge if scheduled by IDOD

  • Burlington, IA

  • Brookfield, MO

  • Macon, MO

  • Quincy, IL

  • St. Louis, MO Meetup     


STL Airport Meet-up for FLY INS $250-We will be there, with your puppy, when your flight lands! 


Flight Nanny $750 Hand Delivery with Meet & Greet by IDOD Staff at your nearest major airport; Includes Flight Nanny, Airline tickets, Puppy's paid boarding pass & all required health certificates ALONG with an in- person, detailed overview of the Puppy's routine & Puppy Package. Arrangements made by IDOD.
(Flights are not stand-by---meet up times will be scheduled in advance)


Scheduled home pick-up is always available.


Our puppies are intended for your enjoyment and companionship.  
Breeding rights are prohibited.
Pet purposes only.  
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