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On this page you will find information about: Doodle Generations,  Therapy/Service Dogs, Puppy Pick Day, IDOD Visitor Policy, Going Home Day, IDOD Health Guarantee, Spay/Neuter 

F1 vs. F1B vs. F1B.B vs. F2 vs. MultiGen

What does all of this mean?


F1 Doodles are 50% Retriever or BMD (Bernese Mountain Dog) and 50% Poodle.  This generation will have a variation of wavy coats.  They will have light shedding but the coat is easier to maintain.  This is a great way to get the best of both worlds-

Hybrid Vigor is at its best with this blend.


F1B Doodles are 25% Retriever or BMD and 75% Poodle.  This is achieved by crossing an F1 with a Poodle.  This generation will have a wavy or curly coat and will typically be non-shedding-not always.  F1B Doodles are ideal pets for families with mild allergies.


F1BB Golden Doodles are 12.5% Golden Retriever or BMD and 87.5% Poodle.  This can be achieved when crossing and F1B Doodle with a Poodle.  This generation will mostly be curly, as they have more poodle attributes.  They are non-shedding & considered hypoallergenic. This is the absolute BEST choice for several allergy/asthma sufferers.

F2B, F2bb/Multigen

F2b/F2bb/Multigen Golden Doodles are produced by breeding an F1 or F1b generation to another F1 or F1b generation. The coat result is wavy to curly and typically low to non-shedding. Coat factors can vary, depending on the parentage. This combination has become VERY popular due to the classic  "doodle face" and wavy to curly coat type. 

IDOD Bernedoodles

Here at IDOD, we proudly raise F1b & F1bb Mini & Medium Bernedoodles. Tri-colors, bi-color, brindles, creams and sables can be expected from our litters.  The F1b Bernedoodle is 75% Poodle and 25% BMD-therefore gain the non shedding qualities from the Poodle.  BMD's also have a coat that is similar to human hair.  This is a good choice for allergy/asthma sufferers. Depending on the specific litter and parents, adult weight ranges for the puppies are 25-60#.  All of our  Bernedoodles will have furnishings (doodly-look, muzzle hair). Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles are very similar in personalities.  It is said that the Bernedoodles tend to be a bit on the lazy side and they are fun loving/goofy!


Companion, Therapy & Service Dogs

Doodles make wonderful pets!  They can also provide much needed services for you or your family. Many of our doodles have gone on to be therapy dogs and are trained to provide comfort to others.  They are found working from home, nursing homes, dentist offices, mental health institutes and various other therapeutic environments.  Many help ease anxiety, decrease the symptoms of depression and promote stability for autistic children. 

Service dogs are skillfully trained to do practical tasks.  In this situation, the dog will be alert to changes and trained to help remedy the situation.  We have doodles in homes of families with diabetes and seizures.  Of course, to achieve optimal results, additional training is required.  Goldendoodles are social, intelligent, loving and good natured pets and they are eager to take on the task to serve you!

VISITOR POLICY: For the health and safety of our newborn and young puppies, we do not allow outside visitors until the puppies are at least 5 weeks old.  Many deadly diseases that affect young puppies are carried in on shoes, clothes and hands.  Even though we follow strict biosecurity measures, we will not risk the health of our young puppies and the heartache that the new families would experience- should their new puppy become deathly ill. Often times, I Dream of Doodles has litters at various stages, some newborns-some 6 weeks old. It is Breeder's discretion if visitors will then be allowed into the Nursery area. 
IDOD realizes that many families like to see the parents and visit the environment in which they live-before making purchase decision.  In effort to balance safety and customer satisfaction, IDOD offers excellent alternatives to get to know us and your new puppy. We are always open for phone calls, FaceTime and real time video chats so you can see and interact with your puppy. This is a great and safe way to learn about the litters and establish a relationship with your puppy. Follow us on Facebook 'I Dream of Doodles' for the latest videos and updates!
On Headin' Home Day, pick-up appointments will be scheduled in advance.  Your puppy will have received 1 NeoPar vaccination (at 4 weeks old) and 1 DAPPV and Bordetella (at 7-8 weeks old).  The immunization process is underway-but not completed. Please shower, wear clean clothes & refrain from being around any other animals before you come to pick up your puppy.  Do not visit animal shelters, vets offices, breeders or any heavily trafficked pet area before you visit IDOD. You will be required to remove your shoes and sanitize your hands before entering our home.  Your puppy will be freshly bathed and ready for you!  The rest of our four-legged family will be at free play in the Dood-Ranch to eliminate chaos and minimize exposure.
Thank you for doing your part to help keep the IDOD family of dogs and puppies safe!  




What is Puppy Pick Day?

When you place your reservation fee, you reserve your "spot" or time for Puppy Pick Day.  This day will be scheduled well in advance and posted on the website. On Puppy Pick Day, each family has an allotted "time with the puppies" (in the order of deposit). This can be done in person, by video chat/face time or I can send you real time videos of the available puppies.  If video chatting isn't for you, no worries! I'll send the videos along with new photos- during your time frame, to share with your family.  We can talk about doodles, personalities and coat types and discuss anything you'd like! This is a time for you to get to know the puppies
When do the puppies go home? 
Unless previous arrangements have been made, puppies go home at 8 weeks old.  For our petite litters, we may hold them until 9 weeks old. The weaning process is complete by 7 weeks old and the pups will be eating crunchy food and drinking water, exclusively. Meet-ups will be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday--that follows closest to the 8 week mark.  Puppies will have received 1 NeoPar at 4 weeks of age & a DAPPV and Bordetella at 7-8 weeks.  Your vet visit should be made for the 11 week old mark to establish care & continue the vaccination process. 
Health Guarantee:
IDOD puppies are covered by a 1 year Genetic Health Guarantee.  Should death occur within the first year of life, due to genetic disease/defect, IDOD will offer a replacement puppy.  Necropsy by a licensed vet must be completed immediately.  At the Breeder's discretion, a second opinion may be obtained.  We stand behind all of our puppies!! All IDOD sires & dams have been extensively, genetically DNA & Coat tested for quality assurance.  OFA certifications are obtained at 2 years old. Our dogs are our family and treated as such. 
IDOD pups are to be spay/neutered by 12 months of age.  It is recommended that females be spayed at 6 months old.  The risk of cancer is increased >50% if the female cycles through even one heat-without pregnancy. Neutering should take place between 6-9 months-depending on adult size. 


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