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Photo: Courtesy of The Wagners'

Wondering where to start with the newest
furry 4-legged family member?


Click here for an Amazon list of items that we use and love!

Essential items that you will need:

  • crate WITH DIVIDER (22-24" for Petites, 32-36" for Minis, 42"+ for Mediums)

  • crate blanket or pad (washable)

  • Puppy Food-We feed Diamond Naturals Puppy Food (chicken & rice)

  • food and water bowls, we LOVE the Neater Feeder!

  • Bil-Jac soft training treats

  • Crunchy training treats

  • Plush/Crinkle/Noisy Toys & chew toys

Additional items to include are:

  • No Pull harness for ease of leash training 

  • play arena (only used for a short time-the taller the better)

  • collar ID tag

  • door "potty bells"

  • waste bags

  • soft bristled puppy brush

  • Crazy Dog Baby Dog Shampoo & Detangler spray (this is what we use at IDOD)

Kuranda elevated beds are durable, chew proof and comfortable!! Click photo for more details!
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