Complete Puppy Package: Healthy Puppy Guarantee, Genetic Health Guarantee, Parents Genetic Health Reports, Age appropriate vaccinations, Vet Health Report, CKC Registration Papers (if applicable), Raised with Puppy Culture Protocol, ENS, Crate training with puppy's own snuggle puppy (which they will go home with), beginner potty training and beginner commands, Microchipped with Prepaid Lifetime membership through AKC Reunite, doodle bag, tailor-made collar, leash, food sample, toy, custom food scoop, 25% off Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School, loads of resources, lifetime Breeder Support, entrance to our Tail- Wagging Puppy Kisses Group -where you can share ideas & get advice/insight from IDOD Puppy Parents. 
Due Date
October 20, 2022

1) Reserved IDOD
2) Reserved Mortimer

Accepting 8 Reservations

Jemma & Z's

Golden Mountain


MOM: 70#  F1 Bernedoodle

DAD: 24# Goldendoodle


25% Bernese, 10% Golden Retriever, 65% Poodle=

100% Perfection


Average weights 35-55#


Bi-Colors, Solids, abstracts, chocolates, creams


Low shedding, wavy to curly

Complete Puppy Package

Puppy Culture Protocol Included


PLEASE NOTE: Litter timing, sizing, colors & coat types are predictions-not guarantees.  
Predictions are based on genetic testing, coat testing and past litters. 
Spay/Neuter contract required. 



Due Date October 23, 2022

Waitlist is OPEN!


Bonnie & Toby's


F1 Aussiedoodles

MOM: 23# Mini Australian Shepard

DAD: 12# AKC/CKC Mini PartiPoodle


Expected Adult weights: 12-20# 


Merles, bicolors and abstracts

Due Oct 23rd

Ready for homes around Dec 18th


Training & Puppy Culture Protocol  

Complete Puppy Package



Della & Toby

F1 Australian Mountain Doodles

Planned for December


Merles, abstracts, partis & solids


Adult weight: 30-45# 


Coat: wavy, low shedding


Price: $4000-$5000


Complete Puppy Package

IDOD's Australian Mountain Doodles 
Australian Mountain Doodles are the perfect Triad!
This hybrid blends the best qualities of the Bernese Mountain Dog (25%), the Aussie (25%) and the Poodle (50%).  EQUALS 100% Wonderful  
The result: an absolutely stunning, smart, loyal and truly affectionate                 snuggle bug with an low to non shedding wavy coat.                                                

Why Bernedoodles??  
You may be wondering...Does it really get much better than a perfectly bred and wonderfully raised Goldendoodle?  Well, I have stumbled upon some tough competition!!  
I have recently found my second puppy my sweet Bernedoodles!  They are amazing!  Now don't get me wrong, I'm a tried and true Goldendoodle LOVER...but now with an extended "doodle" passion.

The Bernedoodle is a cross between the Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) and the Poodle, they have been a designer breed for many years and have become increasingly more popular over the past decade.  This blend exhibits hybrid vigor which is the highlighting of good health traits through mixed breeding-leading to fewer health problems that are prominent in the pure breeds.  As with all of our pets at IDOD, we genetically test all breeding pairs before they are allowed to enter into our program. Bernedoodles are relaxed, easy going and loyal like their BMD Ancestors & they are playful, affectionate and low to NON-shedding thanks to their poodle contributors.  
Unlike many others doodle blends, Bernedoodles are naturally considered hypoallergenic d/t their fluffy coat made up of hair rather than fur.  This is less likely to trigger allergies-for those allergy sufferers.  You can enjoy many coat colors and patterns that are specific to this breed and it is SO easy to fall in love with the sparkly "puppy dog eyes" of the Bernedoodle.  
Bernedoodles love it outside whether it is rain or shine.  They are in need of moderate exercise as with any mid sized dog and they enjoy the company of other furry friends.  They are loyal companions and make excellent family pets.  Grooming is required, much like with a Goldendoodle, with regular bathing, brushing and trims.
BERNEDOODLES are very intelligent,  eager to please, quick to learn and will soon be available in an array of the most popular sizes, generations & colors at I Dream of Doodles!


I Dream of Doodles is a Missouri State Licensed Business.  Missouri Sales Tax is INCLUDED in the Puppy Package price. 

Reservation: Reservation Fee is $300 for each puppy on upcoming litters.  Please contact me to place your name on your desired waiting list.  Puppies are not considered reserved until the $300 fee is received.  Once the reservation fee is received, you will receive a confirmation of reservation.  This fee holds your spot for puppy pick day, it is non refundable but transferrable to another upcoming litter. 

What is the value of our puppies?  Puppies at I Dream of Doodles are top quality.  We do not cut corners and we firmly believe that our investment of quality & time goes above and beyond . The overall health of our dogs & puppies is TOP priority and will never be compromised.  Quality is a lifestyle that carries on through generations...and it priceless. Please do your research and know what is being invested in your puppy--before he/she comes home to you.  

Ultimately, you get what you pay for.


**Coat types, colors and weight estimates are based on previous litters.  They are predictions--not guarantees.  

    Mother Nature is the final decision maker! 


We are proud to be members of the ASPCA. A portion of each sale is forwarded in monthly donations, to help animals in need.