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Penny's Medium Goldedoodle

What sets IDOD apart from other breeders?  



It is important to know what is going into your new puppy, before they come home to you.  At IDOD, all of our puppies are raised in home, with love & tailored 24 hour care. We are present during every birth.  We do daily puppy handling exercises.  At Day 3 we begin early neurological stimulation and continue with enrichment activities and socialization until the puppy comes home to you.  We provide experiences for each puppy and create enrichment seekers. 


Not only do we work with each puppy, numerous times a day, we set each puppy & puppy parent up for success.  By following the Puppy Culture Protocol and the BAB/Empowered Puppy program, it is easy to ensure that the correct activities are presented at the most opportune times in the growth and development cycle. Loads of resources are provided to help you prepare and get off on the right paw.  Information on safety, bone/joint health, exercise and potty training are provided. IDOD offers extended stay and training programs to help meet your needs.


IDOD chooses only the highest quality dogs for our breeding program, which in turns gives us the highest quality puppies.  Full genetic testing, OFA Certifications and coat trait testing is completed before breeding.

We are skilled nurses, which really elevates the level of care than is given to our parent dogs and our puppies.  Photos/videos are provided weekly (if not more) so you can follow your puppy, all along the 8 week period. New puppy parents are kept up to date on the puppy achievements and progress. 


IDOD has been thoroughly researched and coined one the TOP ethical breeders in Missouri and the United States.  That speaks volumes!  But the proof is in the puppies….What do our customers say?  Read our abundance of 5 star reviews on this website, Google and FaceBook.  Many of our clients have come back for not only a second doodle-but a third. We love it and so do they!  


Do your research BEFORE you choose your breeder.  

Is your breeder setting YOU & YOUR PUPPY up for success?

Are the parents registered with a reputable registry?

Have both parents undergone full genetic health testing, breed specific testing, coat trait testing?

Have the parents had additional specialized exams, such as OFA certifications?

Are the puppies raised in home?

Do the puppies get handled every single day-multiple times?

What specific stimulation is provided for each puppy?

What guidelines does the breeder use to hold them accountable?

Is the breeder approved though the GoodDog platform?

What vetting will your puppy have? Exams, medications, vaccines, etc.

How many hours a day does the breeder actually spend with each litter? 

Where’s the proof?  Pictures, videos, FaceTime calls, Zoom meetings?

What do past puppy parents say about the breeder and their puppies? Reviews?

Is your puppy being fed high quality food & treats?

Is the breeder setting a good routine for the puppy?

What training has the breeder had? 

What training will the puppies have? 

Is the breeder easy to make contact with?  Responsive?

How is the customer service?

Are the puppies microchipped with a lifetime membership to a reputable recovery system?

What does the breeder do to ensure the puppies start off on the right paw?

Are the puppies exposed to bathing, brushing, high velocity dryer?

Is the breeder a professional or considered a “backyard breeder” or “puppy mill”?

What licensing does the breeder have? 

Will you receive an in person hand off by your breeder to go over all of the details of your new puppy and their routine?

Will your breeder fly WITH your puppy and meet you at the airport, for long distance air deliveries?

Are you receiving a healthy puppy guarantee?

Is the breeder going the extra mile to ensure a well rounded puppy and a good fit?

Is your breeder sharing realistic expectations of puppyhood? 

Is the puppy going home with useful items? collar, leash, teething toys, snuggle puppy, resources?

Did the breeder educate you with helpful information on keeping your puppy safe & tips on surviving "puppyhood"?


Choose a breeder that stands behind their puppies and goes that extra mile for you...and your new family member!

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