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Erin Skogsberg owner of IDOD
Erin Skogsberg
I Dream of Doodles is an empowered, TOP ethical, family oriented & operated doodle breeder.  Our dogs & puppies are our family and we pour our heart and soul into every single IDOD puppy.  

IDOD raises empowered puppies by following the BAB/Empowered Puppy curriculum- along with chosen highlights from the Puppy Culture curriculum. Puppy
temperament testing is completed on each pup! This assists US in helping YOU find your perfect fit. 

As professionals, we strive to stay educated on current practices & techniques that will enhance our eminent breeding program. Health, genetic & coat testing is utilized to perfectly match our breeding pairs and ensure a health puppy. 

Choosing the right breeder and the right puppy for your family is such an IMPORTANT decision!  This is a lifelong commitment.  There's a reason that I Dream of Doodles has been voted "Top Ethical Breeder". 

Let IDOD help you find your most perfect fit
Erin Skogsberg
IDOD Mini Goldendoodles
I Dream of Doodles
Puppy Culture Breeder, Empowered Breeder
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