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intense red mini goldendoodle puppy

We have traveled thousands of miles to select high quality pets for our breeding program.  We have   invested countless hours researching the backgrounds and genetics on our moms and dads- The result? Only the finest puppies!  This helps reduce your stress and worry when welcoming a new puppy into your home. 


Our doodles and poodles are family pets, raised in our home.  They have been health tested, OFA certified & genetically tested through Embark.  We have chosen to focus on quality, not quantity, as we strive to provide you with a healthy, happy companion for many years to come. 

Our Story

Before our journey started, we spent years dreaming about Doodles!  Goldendoodles & Bernedoodles  are becoming one of the most sought after breeds due to their hybrid vigor & popular coat variations.  Not to mention their mild temperament and natural born gift to serve you!   

What We Do

Experienced Breeders creating custom made companions.   What a pure joy it is to place our puppies in homes where they can help heal, give hope    and offer unconditional love.   

Always Open

We are always open for conversation and questions.   Home visits on Puppy Pick Day and Headin' Home  Day     are by appointment.

We love to talk about Doodles!

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