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Retiring in 2023

One of the hardest parts of breeding responsibly is choosing to place a retired dog.  Our dogs become our family and it is always hard to see them leave us.  They thrive here and we intend for our dogs to continue to thrive--long after their breeding days.  They deserve ONLY the BEST...and that is what we give them!  A home where the universe can revolve around them.  

Adopting a retiring mom/dad, ensures a well rounded dog that is already past the puppy stages.  Our dogs are house trained, crate trained, leash trained and they know commands. We are lucky to find excellent homes who become like family to us, but that does not make it easier to do. We thank those who have opened their homes to our Family of Dogs.

Breeding Males & Females will remain intact.  Retiring dogs will be spayed/neutered within 3 months after their retirement litter.  Recovery will take place at IDOD and they will be ready for the transition, about 4 weeks after surgery.  Our dogs will have had a fresh dental cleaning under anesthesia and a thorough exam by our Veterinarian.  

If you are interested in providing a furever home to one of our 4-legged furry adults, please reach out.  Expect a selection process & in person or telephone interview.  It is of most importance that the dogs find their perfect fit & their FOREVER home.


Retiring when the perfect home has been found in 2023/2024. Will be spayed and recovered before going to their new home.

F1 Bernedoodle 65#
4 yrs old, CKC, light 
Jemma has a heart of gold.  She thinks she is a lap dog! Hobbies include going for a good run and packing toys around in her mouth.

Small Standard Phantom Poodle 50#, 3.5 yrs old, CKC, Non shedding
Loves one on one attention and good back scratch. Vocal at times.
Red F1b Medium Goldendoodle 40# 
4 yrs. old, CKC, 
Non Shedding
Loves her toys and plays well with everyone.
Red F1b Standard Goldendoodle 55#
4 yrs. old, CKC Light shedding
HEART OF GOLD, gets along well with all ages and sizes of pets.

IDOD will be transitioning to breeding pairs <40#.  As we make the transition, we have some great opportunities for those looking for a trained, adult dog.  To inquire, please message me at 660-216-7675.

Oklahoma- 3 yr. old female
Standard Cream Parti Poodle 60#
Clear Genetics/ OFA Certified cardiac & patellas 
Full AKC

Luna- 3 yr. old female
Standard Poodle 55#
Clear Genetics/ OFA Certified cardiac & patellas 
Full AKC 

Cooper-2 yrs old male
Red Merle F1 Mini Aussiedoodle 22#
Proven Stud
Clear Genetics/OFA Certified cardiac & patellas

Bo -1 yr old male
F1 English Cream Goldendoodle 45#
Proven Stud
Clear Genetics

Pretzel-1 yr old female
Red F1 Medium Goldendoodle 45#
Clear Genetics

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