We've Got QUALITY Covered! 
At 'I Dream of Doodles', we genetically test and carefully select all of our breeding pairs.  It is important for us to provide you with the highest quality puppy possible.  We do not plan any breedings until health tests are performed, this includes coat type and shedding factors. Once results are received, we perfectly match our dogs for breeding-based on their genetics.  This is how we provide consistent quality and healthy puppies! 

Our pets are a large part of our family and all of our puppies are raised within our home.  We have extended our family of pets into the homes of OUR family-as guardians.  Most of our breeding pairs are raised here at our location, but we do have a few treasured pets that live with our family members and visit us during times of breeding and whelping.  Our entire family is committed to raising healthy puppies.  We plan our lives AROUND our pets-and we love it! 

'I Dream of Doodles' is devoted to quality that is passed onto you, by producing well-socialized, low-maintence & skillfully-trained puppies. Our doodle puppies are top quality, as we invest countless hours teaching "Puppy Culture" from birth through 8 weeks.  We have met, delivered and flown puppies all over the United States!  If you are searching for an experienced, reputable breeder and an intelligent, well mannered puppy-look no further.  Let 'I Dream of Doodles' make your Doodle dreams a reality!

A Day in the Life of a Pup

We monitor the birthing process continuously.  Prepared with our extensive knowledge & whelping supplies, we are available to assist with any complications that may arise.  We have an in house ultrasound and lab equipment for those moments when time is critical. As experienced breeders, we can generally detect any impending issues before they occur.  This ensures healthy litters to a healthy mom. 

Post birthing, around the clock monitoring begins.  Our moms and puppies receive oodles of love, affection, nutrition and socialization that begins immediately.  24 hour monitoring continues over the next 2 weeks.   Early Nuerological Stimulation begins at 3 days old. At 4 days old, mom and puppies receive a health physical.  Mom is examined thoroughly.  A Veterinary health check and health certification is scheduled for 7-8 weeks old. 

Puppies continue to grow and are exposed to many common sounds and textures.  We provide a various assortment of stimulation toys to introduce textures and sounds.  Our puppies receive individual and group play each day, as we follow the Puppy Culture  Training method.  At 3-4 weeks old, puppies begin eating our blend of moist food.  They love this!  It helps the puppy begin a transition for the upcoming weaning. 


At this time, we separate the play arena and add a potty area.  This begins the process of potty training.  Puppies will be beginner potty-trained and crate and litter trained by 8 weeks old   (but we still expect some accidents until about 12 weeks of age).  Each puppy is taken outside several times during the day so they can be exposed to new textures and learn to potty outside.  You will find this very helpful on “Headin’ Home Day” as your puppy will have mastered some of the hardest puppy stage tasks. 

Daily weights are recorded each day for the first 2 weeks and on a weekly basis thereafter.  De-worming occurs on 2 week intervals from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.  Vaccinations will be given and kept current as the puppies grow.  Weekly photos and videos are taken individually and often as a litter.