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Callie & Toby are honeymooning!  We will do an ultraosund for pregnancy confirmation on August 10th. Callie is such a great mom!. Past puppy shown above.


Callie is an F1b Mini Goldendoodle weighing 35#.  Toby is a 12# Mini PARTI Poodle.  Ave weights 20-35#, reds & aprocits,  solids & abstracts;  Wavy & curly, nonshedding coats. Puppies will be F1bb's. 


Waitlist is OPEN! IDOD waitlists are non-gender specific, as many are looking for service qualities.  Deposits ($300) are nonrefundable but transferrable to any litter at any time--BEFORE you choose your specific puppy.  If there are not enough puppies to fulfill the wailist, you will have the option of a refund. We rely on the good graces of Mother Nature and respect thet fact that we are not always in control.  If the pregnancy cannot be confirmed, you will be offered a refund.


Custom made IDOD Genetics--English Creams are our specialty!  We have many working in homes and professional buildings all over the US.  Best breed selection for trained companions/therapy/service dogs.  Past Puppy photos can be seen on IDOD FB page.


Pregancy confirmation August 10th

Estimated Due Date Sept 10th

Ready for homes in November

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy Package $3000

Puppy Picks go in order of deposit. 

Reservation Fee: $300 (deposit will be deducted from the price)


There is a reason that IDOD puppies are the BEST!!  All IDOD pups are in group training everyday.  This makes a well rounded, easy going puppy that is very eager to learn and please.  We set you up for success!


Meet ups all around! St. Louis, MO; Brookfield, MO; Quincy, IL; Burlington, IA

Videos & Pics posted on FB I Dream of Doodles.




Puppy Pick Day will be scheduled for the 5 week old mark.  Home visit or virtually. 

Waitlist Deposit for Callie & Toby's F1bb Mini Goldendo

  • A $300 deposit will reserve your spot on the waitlist.  Once recieved, an email reservation confirmation will be sent--which will confirm your reservation.  Puppy Pick Day will be held when the puppies are around 5 weeks old. Puppy picks go in order of deposit.  Waitlist posted above is kept up to date. Feel free to reach out at anytime, We look forward to working with you!

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