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A waitlist has been applied to ensure that each family can find their most perfect fit!. This wailist is for the Females of the litter. Miss Pink, Miss Yellow, Miss Purple. Puppy Pick Day will be held on Saturday, April 27th, in person or virtually.


1) Reserved Gentile-Bruno (Pick Time 10a CST)

2) Reserved Allen (10:30a CST)

3) OPEN (11:30a CST)


Marly & Toby's F1bb Mini Goldendoodles--estimated weights 10-15#, blue merles, apricots, bicolors & reds. Wavy to loose curly coats, nonshedding and considered hypoallergenic. This is Marly & Toby's first litter together! Marly is a 12# F1b Blue Merle Goldendoodle and Toby is a 12# mini Parti Poodle. Genetic and coat testing. OFA Certifications.


3 Boys & 3 Girls

Available for immediate reservation.

Born March 22nd

Ready for homes in May 17th

Petite Goldendoodle Puppy Package $3000 /Merles +$500

Reservation Fee: $300 (deposit will be deducted from the price)


There is a reason that IDOD puppies are the BEST!! All IDOD pups are in group training everyday. This makes a well rounded, easy going puppy that is very eager to learn and please. Add on training is available. We set you up for success!


Meet ups all around! St. Louis, MO; Brookfield, MO; Quincy, IL; Burlington, IA

Videos & Pics posted on FB I Dream of Doodles.

Waitlist Deposit for Marly's Females

  • A $300 deposit will reserve your spot on the waitlist.  Once recieved, an email reservation confirmation will be sent--which will confirm your reservation.  Feel free to reach out at anytime, We look forward to working with you!

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